Get Triple Protection Against Eye Infections

Contact solution alone isn’t enough. Introducing two new layers of protection for thoroughly disinfected and brilliantly clean contact lenses in just 30 minutes.

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Q-Egg - Deep Indigo


Q-Egg - Ruby Pink Bundle

3X Protection

In combination with your favorite contact lens solutions, Q Egg generates DNA-smashing UVC light as a second layer of defense to kill infection-spreading microorganisms. A third layer of defense is established through the built-in vibrational motor recirculating the solution to rinse off any remaining particles and natural eye secretions.  These powerful combinations kill 99.999% of the toughest and most stubborn pathogens commonly found responsible for contact-related eye infections.

See how it works in 1 minute.

Reduce Risks of Infections and Medical Costs

Over a decade of research by our award-winning team ensures Q Egg provide superior protection from the harmful pathogens often found in traditional lens cases that may cause eye infection. These infections may lead to vision impairments and even blindness.

According to US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

- 930,000 hospital visits per year due to contact lens-related eye infection

- Average treatment cost ~$1500

- 13.9% of those who experience bacterial keratitis will suffer vision impairment

- 30% of those who suffer fungal keratitis will suffer vision impairment

Thoroughly Disinfected and Brilliantly Clean Lenses

Q Egg needs just 30 minutes to do what your contact lens solution alone needs 4 hours to achieve. You’ll enjoy two weeks of use after only a single charge, and there’s no need to replace your contact case every month. 

With Q Egg, a previously significant source of microbial contamination is transformed into a powerful defense against eye infections! 


Conveniently Capable

The sleek design makes Q Egg the most convenient method for cleaning your contact lenses on the go – especially while traveling. Perfect for the whole family, Q Egg is also the easiest way to ensure children are wearing bacteria-free ortho-K contacts everyday.

Works with all contact lenses and solutions

 - Q EGG is compatible with all types of contact lenses*  

- Wavelength and dose controlled, will not fog or change color of your contact lens 

- Q Egg works with all solutions** and prevents infections from contaminated solutions 

* Compatible lenses Include soft gel, rigid gas permeable (RGP), Ortho-K, scleral lenses and cosmetic contacts. Do NOT wear lenses beyond the time recommended by the manufacturer or your ophthalmologist;  

*Please keep using your favorite contact lens solution inside Q Egg for comfort and maximum protection. Peroxide solution users must perform a final saline rinse in Q Egg if stinging occurs. “Clear Care” brand peroxide-based solution users need to use the original case provided with solution for self-neutralization of peroxide, followed with a sterilizing rinse in Q Egg with saline to avoid stinging. 


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